Iran Will Make Nucler Bombs in One Year: US

American officials that in past where claiming that Iran is away from making Nuclear Weapons 5 Years are now Claiming that Iran just need one more year to be able to make the Atom Bomb.  Top Advisor of American President Barack Obama Gary Samore Claimed in a Media Conference that we think Iran is roughly a year away to be able to make Nuclear weapons.

At same time we are also listening different media news that Israel or US can attack on Iran's Nuclear Plants in next few days or weeks.  Israel said in the past that it could attack Nuclear Plants of Iran because Iran's try to make Nuclear Weapons is a direct threat to Existence of Israel.  Iran's reply to this Statement of Israel was that if Israel attacked Iran's Nuclear plants we will destroy Israel completely and it will not exist anymore on the Map of the Earth. What happens in Next few days on this issue is very Important because many Media Reports and Experts are Claiming that War in next few weeks is possible between Israel and Iran.