ISI Chief Pasha Cancels Visit To UK

On Thursday New Prime Minister of UK David Cameron Blamed Pakistan For Exporting The Terrorism During a Talk Show in Indian Tour. He said Pakistan should stop exporting the terrorism and it should take action against the Terror Groups. There Where many Purposes behind this False Statement by David Cameron against Pakistan. First reason was the Make Indian Government and Traders happy. David Cameron is going back from India after getting Investment of Billions in UK Arms Industry by India. Second Reason For the Statement was the Pressurize Pakistan to launch New operation in the North Waziristan.

After This Baseless Statement by UK Prime Minister Pakistan Responded to the allegation Strongly. Pakistani Spokesman for Foreign Ministry Abdul Basit called the statement False and told to do Protest against it. He also said that Pakistan has lost more Soldiers and Common People in War on Terror as Compare to Nato and even today we are fighting a war in our own territory. Security Expert Ahmad Sulman said that Pakistan has faced thousands of Suicide attacks and lost Thousands of Lives so blaming Pakistan is Shameful. After This Statement by David Cameron Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) Chief has also announced to Cancel his visit to UK.