ISI Is Main Target of WikiLeaks Drama

These Days Wikileaks Website is getting lot of popularity that published Secret Documents on their Site. on 25th July 2010 75000 out of 92000 Documents about Afghan War where released by Wikileaks.  180 Documents in these 75000 Where About Pakistan Army and ISI in which ISI was blamed for helping the Afghan Taliban in fighting against Nato Forces in Afghanistan. other 99% Documents  are on Mistakes in Afghan War and Killings of Innocent Afghan Civilians by American and Nat Forces.

The Thing of Surprise is that Everyone in West is shouting about those 180 Documents about ISI but no one is talking about those Thousands of Documents in which War Crimes Done by American and Nato Soldiers in Afghanistan are discussed.  It also shows that Internal Security System of American Army is very bad otherwise how is it possible that a unrelated person gets so many Secret Documents about Afghan War?  Such Documents are kept under high security and in rooms that are having special Codes.  The Summary of these Leaked Documents is that American is losing the Afghan War.