ISI Not Wants Karzai Taliban Dialogues: American Media

Its Not a New Thing now that we keep on listening American and Indian Media Baseless Propaganda against Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI. Every month they plots a new Fake Propaganda against the Intelligence Agency of of Pakistan The ISI. Last Month A Website Wikileaks Blamed ISI For Funding the Taliban and now American Media has once against Blamed Pakistan's Intelligence Agency. This Time The Blame of ISI is that it has told Afghan Taliban to not to Dialogues With Karzai and Americans.

According to American Media ISI has warned Afghan Taliban that they must not Flirt with the Karzai or Americans.  American Newspaper Economic Times has claimed that Pakistan arrested the No. 2 Taliban Leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar from Karachi because he was doing Dialogues with the Karzai Government Directly and ISI not wanted it. In Short ISI is once again blamed for doing the Double Game in Afghanistan.