Islamophobia and Racism Also Reasons of Less Aid to Pakistan

Whoever has watched the Pakistani Floods destruction he has called it the worst ever Natural Disaster he seen in his Lifetime including the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who said in Press Conference that i have not seen such destruction with my eyes in recent times. 1/5th Area of Pakistan is effected by Floods. Millions of People are staying Hungry under Open Sky. More than One Million People lost their Homes and Thousands Lost Their Lives. The Destruction in these Floods is more than Combined Destruction of Tsunami, Haiti and Azad Kashmir Earthquake. But still The Aid Pakistan is getting is very less.

Many Rich Countries are not ready to give any Aid To Pakistan while some has given very less Few Million Dollars Aid. Americans are providing Some Aid to Pakistan For their own Interests in Afghanistan and region. Saudi Arabia that is a Muslim Country has indeed helped Pakistan a lot in these Floods. In Haiti Earthquake Billions of Dollars where collected in few days while in Pakistan it has become difficult to Collect Few Millions. Among Reasons that are behind less Aid to Pakistan  Islamophobia and Racism are also included. Hatred Against Muslims is  increasing in West. Specially Image of Pakistan is become very Negative in the West due to Media Propaganda against it.  Some Comments that i read on Some Blogs about Aid to Pakistan Where readlly Hurting. in one of the Comment Someone said "Don,t Give Aid to Pakis all these are Terrorists Let them Die."  Most of the Comments where of same type.