Jamat Ud Dawa Winning Hearts and Minds of Flood Victims

When There is No Government to Help in Worst Ever Floods in History of Pakistan it is Pakistan Army and Religious Charities Specially Jamat Ud Dawa that are helping the Floods Victims in Different Flood effected areas and Winning the hearts and minds of People like they won in Earthquake of 2005.

Floods have killed 1800 People till now and Millions Lost their Homes and Fields. There is Extreme need of Food, Drinking Water, Medicines, Camps and other things for Flood Victims. Pakistan Army, Jamat Ud dawa and other organization are trying hard to help the help.

More than 3000 Workers of Jamat Ud Dawa are working in different areas of Pakhtunkhwa to provide people Water, Food, Medicines and other things.  Jamat Ud Dawa is providing Food twice a day to more than 65000 People.  It is Same Jamat Ud Dawa that was blamed for Mumbai Attacks in 2008 and Its Chief Hafiz Saeed was declared terrorist by UN without proofs.