Kashmiri and Pakistani Hearts Beats Together: Aasiya Andrabi

People of Kashmir has faced oppression and subjugation by Indian Army From Many decades and given Thousands of Lives but even today their Movement of Freedom is alive and People of Kashmir are on roads to demand the freedom. Leader of Dukhtaran-e-Millat that is a Organization of Kashmir for Social Reforms has said in her latest interview that Hearts of Kashmiri's and Pakistani's beats together even today.

She said  although we are facing oppression and subjugation by Indian Government but still we can,t sleep at night without watching the news about Pakistani Floods. She said Kashmiri's has a ideological Love for Pakistan that can,t be ended. She said India tried every method to end our Love for Pakistan but they failed to do so. Aasiya Andrabi said Kashmiri's are giving everyday 4 to 6 Lives but our movement of freedom is getting stronger everyday.