Kashmiris and Dal Khalsa To Observe Black Day on 15th August

Tomorrow on 15th August 2010 India will Celebrate its 63rd Independence day at same time there are Millions of People that will Celebrate this day as a Black Day. People of Kashmir that are struggling for Independence from last 63 Years from India and facing Indian Army State Terrorism Everyday will Observe Black Day on 15th August to Register their Protest that it is also their right to get Independence.

Situation is Occupied Kashmir is not good from last few weeks and huge Protests are taking place in different parts of Kashmir. Kashmiri Youth is taking part very actively in these Protests. Indian Forces are using Gun against Kashmiri Youth while Kashmiris are using Stones against Indian Forces.Yesterday Indian Forces killed 4 Kashmiris including a Small Kid in Sri Nagar

On other hand a Sikh Group From Indian Punjab Dal Khalsa has also announced to Observe Black Day on 15th August Indian Independence day. Dal Khalsa group was created Decades ago after Genocide of Sikhs by Indian Army. Tihs Group Dal Khalsa got Strength after 84 Sikh Killings by Indian Army. The Main purpose of this Group is to create a Separate Sikh Country of Indian Punjab.