More Rains Increasing Flood Crises in Pakistan

Different Parts of Pakistan specially Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab are badly effected by the Floods and Millions of People have lost their Homes while 2000 Lost Their Lives. But More Rains on Saturday have increased the Flood Crises and also effected the Rescue and Welfare activities in Flood effected Areas. More Rains are also expected in upcoming days as well.

The Floods started two weeks ago due to Rains and Water came from India and Afghanistan that washed away Homes, Bridges Buildings and everything that came in its way. Pakistan Army, Government and Private Organizations are taking part in Rescue and Welfare Organizations but the a very huge area is effected while Rescue Workers and Aid is very less.

Some Reports have even claimed that Destruction in these Floods is even more than Earthquake of 2005 in Azad Kashmir. Pakistan Army is playing the major role in Rescue Works and Thousands of Soldiers are trying to save people.