Muslim Countries Gives $1 Billion To Pakistan in Cash

Western Countries are not Providing Much Aid to Pakistan due to different reasons like Corrupt Pakistani Government and Islamophobia and Whatever Aid United States has provided to Pakistan is for its own big Interests in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This Aid will also be given through NGOs of United States from which lot of Aid these NGOs will themselves eat.  However Some Muslim Countries in which Saudi Arabia is on Top are providing Lot of Aid to Pakistan Directly in Cash to Cop With the Worst Floods of Pakistani History.

Muslims Countries has given almost $1 Billion Till Now to Pakistan in Cash. Most of Aid among Islamic Countries is given by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, UAE and Qatar.  These Countries are also sending Goods like Camps and Eating Items for Flood effected People of Pakistan.  Flood in Pakistan was started almost a Month ago and it destroyed Hundred of Cities and Villages. A Large Part of Pakistan is still under water and People are Living Hungry Under Open Sky. Lives of Thousands of Kids are also in danger due to different diseases.