Nato Supply Stops Due to Pakistan Floods

Pakistan is Facing Worst Ever Floods of its 63 Years History and Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan is effected the most by these Floods that also borders with the Afghanistan. Almost 2000 People have been killed till now by these Floods and almost 10 Million are effected.

Only Flood Victims have not been effected by these Floods but these Floods have also done many other impacts. The Prices of Vegetables and Fruits have gone up and there is Shortage of Many Things of Daily use.  Nato Forces Supplies that Goes to Afghanistan From Pakistan have also been  completely stopped due to these Floods.

As i told above  Pakhtunkhwa Province is effected the most that Borders with Afghanistan so there is no way For Supplies of Nato Forces. Qari Ziaur Rehman that is Spokesman of Afghan Taliban has said that we are really happy that Nato Supplies have been stopped due to recent Floods in Pakistan however it is really sad that so many people have lost their Lives. Qari Ziarur Rehman said that its immensely beneficial for us that Nato Supplies are completely cut off by recent floods.  He also said that Taliban will continue attacks on Nato and American Forces in month of Ramadan.