Omar Abdullah Shoe Thrower Was a Brave Police Constable

on 15th August 2010 that is Indian Independence day and was observed as Black day in Occupied Kashmir an Former Police Constable Abdul Ahad Jan Thrown a Shoe on Chief Minister of Occupied Kashmir Omar Abdullah during The Ceremony of Indian Independence Day in Sri Nagar and raised the slogans of Freedom.  Abdul Ahad Jan was a brave Police  Constable and in 1992 he also won a cash prize for saving his Senior Police officers from an attack.

After Throwing the Shoe on Chief Minister Abdul Ahad Jan was arrested by Police. Police Spokesman claimed that Abdul Ahad Jan is mentally unsound but the family of Jan is has said that its a Fake Propaganda and Jan is not mentally unsound but completely healthful.  After Throwing the Shoe on Omar Abdullah The Jan has become a Celebrity in Occupied Kashmir and Hero of Millions.