Ramadan In Kashmir and Pak Flood Effected Areas

The Holiest Islamic Month for Muslims The Holy Ramadan has started in the Whole World and Muslims are keeping Their First Fast of Ramadan Today. In The Month of Ramadan Muslims Fasts For Thirty days and tries to do Maximum Virtues and Charity. Ramadan has also started in those Parts of World that are Facing Unrest created by Humans or due to Natural Disasters. I am talking about Occupied Kashmir and Pakistani Flood Effected Areas.

Occupied Kashmir is facing Unrest from last few months due to Civilian Killings by Indian Army. Curfew is still imposed in Kashmir and People are on Roads for Protest. People of Kashmir are keeping their First Fast in this situation. On other hand in Pakistan's Flood effected areas like Pakhtunkhwa and South Punjab also people are keeping their first fast under open Sky. Many People have kept First Fast in these Flood effected ares by just drinking water. Pakistan Army and Organizations Like Jamat ud Dawa and Jamat Islami are also providing Food to large number of People for Sehr and Iftar. Every Muslim Should Remember Their Brothers and Sister that are facing Difficulties in this Ramadan and try to help them as much as possible.