Shoe Thrower On Zardari Feels Proud

During the Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari Speech in UK City Birmingham With Pakistani's Living in United Kingdom on Friday 7th August an old Man of 60 Years Shamim Khan who was also a supporter of Zardari's own party PPP Threw his Shoes on Zardari and also raises slogans against him. Some Youngsters also raised Slogans against Zardari "Go Zardari Go". Shamim Khan was arrested by UK Police for throwing the Shoes but later on he was freed. This News was become Headline in Pakistani and International Media.

In his Interview With Geo News Shamim Khan said I feel proud of What i did because President Zardari deserved it. He said over Five Millions People of Pakistan are effected with Floods and Zardari is Enjoying in a Country whose Prime Minister David Cameron Called Pakistan Terrorist. He also criticized Zardari for not speaking against the Statement of David Cameron in meeting with him. Shamim Khan is from Sindh Province of Pakistan and also a PPP Supporter but he was not happy with Acts of President Zardari. Shamim Khan also called it a message for the Rulers of Pakistan.