Sikhs Are Safe In Kashmir: Sikh Leaders

Few Days Back Kashmiri Sikhs Received some letters in which it was told to Kashmiri Sikhs that they must Embrace Islam or Leave the Kashmir otherwise their Lives will be in danger. It was Claimed by Indian officials that these letters are sent by separatist organizations. After this news Indian Media done lot of Propaganda that Sikhs are not Safe in Kashmir. 

Now Sikh populace has refuted these suggestions and said that Sikhs are completely Safe in the Kashmir Valley. They said Sikhs are Muslims are Living together from Decades in Kashmir like Brothers and we have no Safety Problems.

Sikh Leaders said these Letters are may be fake and this is can be work of Indian Central Government to create differences between local Sikhs and Muslims and to stop the protests that are taking place against Indian Government in Valley.  

Local Sikh Population of Kashmir has also said that they are completely safe in Kashmir and whenever we face any Problem our Muslims brothers of Kashmir always helps us. Hurriyat Leader  Syed Ali Geelani has already called these Letters Fake and said that Sikhs and Muslims lives like brothers in Kashmir.