Zardari Deserved The Shoe Thrown on Him

Yesterday on Saturday 7th August 2010 When President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari was addressing to Pakistani's Living in UK an old man was was a Supporter of Peoples Party thrown two shoes by the difference of few seconds towards President Zardari that gone near from him. Some People Also raised slogan of "GO Zardari Go" in the Hall and a large number of people done protests outside the Hall against the Visit of President Zardari.

Many Analysts are calling this Shoe attack on Zardari as Uncharacteristic but if you ask me or most of the People of Pakistan they will say Zardari Deserve it.  The reasons due to which Zardari Deserve it are following. Have you ever seen President of any country Enjoying on a Foreign tour when his Millions of People are facing worst ever Floods in history and thousands are died?

I am sure you have not seen. Whenever any big incident takes place in a Country the Rulers cuts short their Foreign visits and comes back. Secondly Zardari is on tour of a Country whose Prime Minister called Pakistan a terrorist state just few days before his visit in Enemy Country India. I have met whichever Person till now he is very happy on this incident.