15 More Kashmiris Martyred By Indian Security Forces

After a long time World Is Witnessing Such Massive Protests in Indian Occupied Kashmir For Freedom and there is Panic in India Government about this Worst Situation. On Every City and Street of Occupied Kashmir the Kashmiri Public is on the road and is raising slogans in support of Freedom. Indian Government is trying to stop these Protests by Use of Protest which is resulting in deaths of Kashmiris which is resulting in even more anger. In last 24 Hours 15 Kashmiris have lost their Lives In Firing of Indian Security Forces in different parts of Occupied Kashmir.

Watching this Worst Situation Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has announced to call the All Parties Conference.  Indian Government has tried every method to stop Movement of Kashmir by using force to offering money to Kashmiri leaders but they have failed to stop this Movement. The New Generation of the Kashmir is ahead of all in these Protests. A Very Interesting thing is that for the first time International Media like CNN and BBC are also giving Some Coverage to Situation in Kashmir that they used to ignore in the past.