70 Indian Army officers Found Involved in Illegal Weapons Sale

Almost Every Month We Hear About a Corruption Story, Sexual Harassment of Women and Civilian Kashmiris Killings by Indian Army. 

Some Recent Examples of Indian Army Black Deeds are Following. Three Months ago Several Indian Army offices where found involved in Land Corruption,  Last Month An Indian Army General Was Found Involve in Sexual Harrasement of another General's Wife,  In Last Three Months Dozens of Civilian Kashmiris are Killed by Indian Army.  Now the Latest Scandal of Indian Army Came in Indian Media is that 70 Indian Army officers in which Colonel and three Lt Colonels was also included are found involved in Illegal Sale of Weapons for their person profit.

10 of these 70 Indian Army officers are retired while 60 are still doing their duty.  A status report has been also sent to Indian Supreme Court on this issue. These Army officers where serving on Rajasthan Border with Pakistan. officers that have sold the most illegal weapons to fill their pockets are following. Lt Col V S Rathore sold 17 Weapons along with his own weapons. Lt Col B S Shekhawat is involved in Sale of 11 Indian Army Weapons illegally. Col Neeraj Rana sold 5 weapons of Indian Army. All other officers are also involved in Sale of Indian Army Weapons illegally.