Babri Masjid Ayodhya Biased Verdict Has Came

After a long wait Allahabad High Court announced its Verdict on Important Babri Masjid Ayodhya Case today on Thursday at 4 PM. Allahabad High Court in its Judgement has said that the place will be divided into three parts. 1/3 Parts Will Be Given to Muslims For Making the Masjid, 1/3 Part Will Be Given to Hindus for Making Ram Mandir while 1/3 Part Will Go To Nirmohi Akhara. In The Verdict it is also announced that the place where Babri Masjid was existing was indeed Birthplace of Ram.

However two of the Judges said in their remarks that there are absolute no proofs that Ram was born on this place and the Mosque was made by demolishing a Mandir. The Judgement is made by the Court because Large Number of Hindu Believes that Ram was born there while there is no proof of this. Hindu Extremist Groups has appreciated this Verdict of the Court while Most of Muslims hare rejected this Verdict and called in Unjust. Muslims has also decided to take case to Supreme Court of India.