Babri Masjid Ayodhya Verdict Coming Tomorrow 30 September

18 Years ago in 1992 Historic Babri Masjid of Ayodhya was destroyed by Hindu Extremist Parties for their Political Gains and almost 2000 Muslims where also killed.  Finally after long Case and many delays in date of Verdict Allahabad High Court is going to give its Judgement tomorrow on Thursday 30th September about the Babri Masjid Case. Allahabad Court will tell in its Verdict that whom Place of Masjid belongs to Hindus or Muslims? and what should be built on that place now Temple or Masjid?

Indian Supreme Court refused to do Further Delay about Verdict of Babri Masjid and ordered Allahabad Court to give Verdict on 30th September. on other hand Hindu Extremist Groups Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal has announced that they will not allow to built a Masjid on the place and only Temple will be built whatever Judgement comes from the Court. Security is also increased in Ayodhya and other parts of India due to possible tension that cane come after announcement of Verdict in Hindu and Muslim Community.