Common Wealth Games Became Common Wealth Shame For India

Only 10 Days are left in Common Wealth Games 2010 that where going to take place in Indian Capital Delhi in October but India is facing serious Embarrassment due to mistakes after mistakes in arrangements of these Games. India became host for 2010 Wealth Games Seven Years ago but even in these years they where not able to do proper arrangements for these Games. Delhi is a City Full of Broken Streets and Dirt and some big events recently have also brought Embarrassment for India.

First Bad Security Arrangements where exposed by a Australian Journalist who easily entered in a Common Wealth Games Arena with Explosive Material without checking. Later on a Bridge Made for CWG Collapsed and today morning a Wrestling Arena for these Games Collapsed which exposed they bad arrangements by Indian officials for the Games. Many Foreign Players has refused to take part in the Games after watching the arrangements while Foreign Media is also Criticizing Indian officials. It will not be wrong if we say Common Wealth Games have Became Common Wealth Shame For India.