Eid Message By Afghan Taliban Leader Mullah Omar

Leader of Afghan Taliban Mullah Muhammad Omar has issued a Special Eid Message Like Last Year Eid Yesterday on 9th September 2010. Mullah Omar Is Considered the Top most leader in all Afghan Taliban Groups Commanders and he is also called Ameer Ul Momineen.  In His Eid Message Mullah Muhammad Omar Has said that We Are Very Close To Victory in Afghanistan and Nato Forces has completely lost the War.

 Mullah Omar has also said that Taliban are getting Stronger in Afghanistan and soon there will be a Islamic Government again in Afghanistan. He said Americans and Nato Forces are losing their Money and Lives in Afghanistan and they cannot win this War.

He said if Foreign Forces wants Peace they must immediately leave the Afghanistan.  Mullah Omar said No Taliban is allowed to Kill any Innocent Human being and we are against the Innocent Killings. He also said that American People are Misinformed about the Afghan War and Taliban. About Peace Talks Mullah Omar said that these are tactical Moves of Nato Forces and Karzai Government against the Taliban.