Freedom Movement on Every Street of Kashmir

Almost Three Months are Over From When People of Kashmir From Youth to old People are on the roads for doing protests against illegal Indian Occupation of Kashmir and Civilian Killings in the Valley by Indian Security Forces. Although Kashmir Freedom Movement is Decades old but now it has taken a new shape. Now we are seeing Stones in the hands of Kashmiri Youth that they are Throwing in reply to Indian Soldiers Bullets instead of Weapons.

In the past India used to done the Propaganda that Pakistan is sending these Militants into Kashmir and Kashmiri Public don,t want freedom but now Kashmiris have Stones in their hands which they are throwing into response of Indian Soldiers Firing and World is asking is Pakistan also sending this Stones? The Large Number of People that are taking parts in protest in every city and street of Kashmir is Youth.  Even many Indian Writers are writing that they have never seen such massive protests for for freedom in Kashmir in last two decades and they are admitting that Pakistan has no involvement in these Protests.