Imran & Musharraf Raises Huge Flood Donations

To Help The Millions of Pakistani People Effected by the worst Ever Floods many Private Organizations and Islamic Charities are also working hard along with Pakistan Army. Imran Khan Former Pakistani Cricketer and Present Politician whom Millions of Pakistani Youngsters Considers to be their Hero has collected over 100 Crore Rupees in jsut 17 days for flood Effected People. The Reason People are giving lot of Donations to Imran khan is that they trust him that he will use their money  for the right purpose.

Imran Khan has announced that this money will be used for building homes for the people who lost their homes in Floods. He also said that we are also going towards another 100 Crores very fast.  on other hand Former President of Pakistan General Pervez  Musharraf also collected around 25 Crore Rupees through TV Transmission Live from London in Few Hours.  Pervez  Musharraf has also announced to use this money in clean way for the Flood Victims.