India Earned Commonwealth Games Shame In Try To Compete With China

Only Few Days are left now in  Commonwealth Games that are going to start in Indian Capital Delhi but these Games have Earned Shame For India due to very bad Preparation and Security of these Games that where exposed badly in last few days one by one.  Collapse of Bridge and Arena, Involvement of Corruption, Dirty Rooms For Visitors, Bad Condition of Delhi City and Bad Security are some of the things which has exposed bad Commonwealth Games Preparations by India.

But Do You Know Why India was trying to insist for hosting  Commonwealth Games even after very bad Preparations for these Games? The Reason was try to Compete With China in which India has failed badly and many people are declaring these Games a Failure even before they have started.  China hosted one of the most successful Olympics Games two years back in 2008 and India was trying to show that we can also hold successful big sports events like China in which it has failed badly.