Jundullah & Pakistani Taliban Are Funded By CIA & RAW

The Taliban Groups of Afghanistan  Haqqani Group, Hikmat Yar Group and Mullah Umar Group are Fighting inside Afghanistan against the American and Nato Forces Occupation on their land. Their Main Target is Nato Forces and Pro American Karzai Government.

These Groups don,t Interfere into Matters of Pakistan or Iran nor they are involved in any terrorist attack in Pakistan or Iran. These are those Groups that first defeated the Russians in 80's and Now they are clearly defeating the Nato Forces in Afghanistan.  Today Afghan Public is also standing with these Groups that is one of the reason of their Success.

But There are Some other Groups as well that Claims to do Jihad In Name of Islam like Jundullah & Pakistani Taliban but instead of fighting against Occupation Forces in Afghanistan these Group targets the Common People in Pakistan and Iran. These Groups Even attacked Several Mosques and Religious Places. These Groups never fought against the Nato Forces and they also came into Existence after American attack on Afghanistan. 

The Secret International Media don,t often tell you is that Jundullah & Pakistani Taliban are actually funded by the CIA and Indian Raw. Their Main Objective is to Destroy Pakistan and Iran. These Groups has no Links With Afghanistan Taliban nor they are fighting for Islam. Recently Jundullah's Top Leader Abdul Malik Rigi  was arrested by Iran who admitted to be funded by CIA.

this Group has done many Suicide attacks on Shia Muslims.  Pakistan Civilian and Army officials has also said many times that Indian Raw is Backing to Pakistani Taliban to spread terror in Pakistan. Both of these Groups are getting Weapons and Money from Afghanistan and they are attacking into Pakistan and Iran with Weapons provided by CIA and Raw. The only Solution of ending these two terrorist Groups is Foreign Forces Exit From Afghanistan.