A Look at Decade Long Iraq War

Iraq Was a Peaceful Country Until 2003 under the Government of Saddam Hussain Who was ruling this Country from a long time as a Army Dictator. This Saddam Hussain Got the American Support For Many Years while fighting war against the Iran. But Suddenly in 2003 the Bush Government of United States started a New Drama that Iraq is Making Weapons of Mass Distraction and there must be Democracy in Iraq not a Dictator. Americans decided to start a war against Same Saddam Hussain with whom they allied for a long time against Iran.

So America attacked Iraq in 2003 and ended Saddam Government in a small time but they Millions of Iraqi People also lost their lives in this American attack on Iraq.

Although Saddam Government was ended by Americans but Insurgency was  still very high. That Time General David Petraeus made a new Planning of creating Shia Sunni fight to get the objectives in Iraq. Shia Groups joined hands with Americans and started fighting against the Sunni Groups. This Created a huge Sectarianism in Iraq and all those Groups that where fighting against The Americans started fighting against each other.

This Helped Americans greatly to gets their objectives in Iraq. During this time Saddam Hussain was also Caught and was given Capital Punishment.  Now Finally on 31 August 2010 American President Barack Obama has announced to Leave Iraq but today's Iraq is a 100 Times More Worst that was before 2003.  Everyday Several People are dying in Bomb Blasts.  More than One Millions People of Iraq lost their Lives in this Iraq while 4400 Americans where killed.