Musharraf Wanted To Handover AQ Khan To US: Jamali

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan of Q League Government Zafarullah Khan Jamali has claimed that Former President of Pakistan General Pervez  Musharraf wanted to handover Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan to United States however Our Government refused to do it.  on other hand Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has also said that Claim of Zafarullah Khan Jamali is right and Musharraf was indeed interested in handing over me to America.

Zafarullah Khan Jamali said while talking with media that i called all the ministers on this issue and we refused to Musharraf from doing this.  Jamali also said that Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan is a National Hero and Pakistani Public Loves him. He said America was Putting massive Pressure on Musharraf to hand him over to them. While talking about Pakistani Politics he said its time for all the Muslim Leagues to get united to save Pakistan.