Nato Doing Massive Mistakes in Afghanistan: Russia

If We Go Back To 80's in the history we will find out that how a big Super Power Soviet Union was defeated by Brave People of Afghanistan which resulted into fall of Soviet Union and after dividing into many parts the remaining country is called Russia. Soviet Union Forces remained for almost 8 Years in Afghanistan and they tried every Strategy to Defeat the Afghans but they where failed to do so.

Now US and Nato Forces are trying to Defeat Afghans from almost 9 Years But they are also not successful to do so. Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan Andrey Avetisyan has said that Foreign Forces are failed in Afghanistan because they are not able to build an Powerful Afghan Army nor they are able to create a Powerful Afghan Economy.

He Said Massive Corruption in the Afghan Government is a big failure of Allied Forces.  Andrey Avetisyan Even said that Foreign Forces are making even more mistakes than the Soviet Union made in Afghanistan.  He said even if Foreign Forces stop doing more mistakes it will take at least Five years for them to build a powerful army and good Economy while they are planning to leave Afghanistan in a year. 

He said Russia wants a Peaceful Afghanistan otherwise Islamic Militants can also create problems for us after Foreign Forces Exit.  He said there is need of starting new projects in Afghanistan and building a Powerful Afghan Army.