Plan of Burning Holy Quran Will Increase Hatred

A Pastor of An American Church From State Florida has announced to Burn the Holiest Book of Muslims The Holy Quran on 11 September 2010 as a Protest. 11 September 2010 is just few days away and their is lot of Discussion going on on this issue on TV Channels and Internet. Quran has also become Top Trend on Famous Social Networking Website Twitter from Yesterday.  When we asked many common Americans on this issue almost all of them Condemned this Plan of Burning the Holy Quran.

The Americans said It will only increase Hatred between Muslims and Christians around the World. Some also called it a Worst Time of terrorism. They demanded to stop down the plan. different American officials has also condemned it but they are not taking any step to stop this Plan. Muslim World is also doing Protest on this issue and demanding American officials to take action on it.  American Army General In Afghanistan General David Petraeus has said that Burning the Holy Quran will increase the danger for American Soldiers in Afghanistan. Its Time For All Muslims Rulers of the World to get together and take serious notice of this issue.