US Apologizes For Misbehaviour With Pak Army Officers

A Delegation of Pakistan Army officers that went to United States on Thursday for Strategic Dialogues where Misbehaved by US Security officials on Washington Airport.  Nine  officers of Pakistan with High Rankings  reached the United States on United Airlines Flight 727 but at Airport US Security officers not treated them well.  Due to this Misbehaviour all the Nine Officers of Pakistan Army Decided to go back to Pakistan as a protest without doing any Strategic Dialogues.

 The Pakistan Army officers where investigated for more than two hours by Airport Security officers eve though it was told to Security that is an official tour of Army officers. Now Vice Foreign Minister of United States has apologized to Pakistan for this Misbehaviour With Pakistan Army Officers.  Pakistan Army officers taken a very good step by ending the US Visit without doing Strategic Dialogues for the Misbehave done by US Security officers.