Women Treated As Animal In India Even in 2010

India is a Country of the World that Keeps on shouting about its so called Democracy and Secularism but when we see its real face the reality is Completely different.

We Keep on Exposing India's Real Face about how Minorities are behaved in India and Indian Army State Terrorism in India but today our Topic is treatment with Women India. If we say Women are Treated Like Animal India then it will not be wrong.

First of all Birth of A Girl is not Considered good in a Hindu Society and everyone wants a Boy Baby. In the past Large Number of Girls where killed after birth and now Every day thousands of Women are forced to choose Abortion after it is identified that they have Female Child in their Womb.  Due to this reason India is included in those few Countries where Men are more than Women. More Men Than Women creates more problems in a Society.

Men Faces Problem in their marriage and Rates of Rape is increased very much.  India is one of those Country which has a highest rate of Rapes. Everyday at least one New Comes in Indian Media of Women rate in any part of the India.  If we take today's Example its Headline on Indian Media that 17 Year Girl Raped by the Cop.

Indian Female feels very unsafe to go out because she is not treated well on Roads of India. According to Report of Indian News Channel NDTV 96% Women of Indian Capital Delhi feels unsafe. This Report Can Be Seen By Clicking Here.  Indian Women Faces many other Social Problems as well. For Example a Girl have to bring lot of Dowry with herself after marriage otherwise Boy's Family not gets ready to Marry.  Indian Women is Facing So Much Problems Even in 2010 that it will not be wrong if we say that they are treated like Animal in many parts of India.