India Can,t Afford US Exit From Afghanistan

We are Listening lot of Voices about US and Nato Forces Exit from Afghanistan in next one two years. A Country which is really worried on the possible US exit from Afghanistan is India and there are several reasons for this which i am going to mention one by one.

Firstly India has done Huge Investment of Billions in Afghanistan  for its own interests and if US and Nato Forces leaves Afghanistan all this Investment will be ruined. Afghan Taliban are against Indians and they will not allow any Indian to stay in Afghanistan.

Second reason is that Pakistan and Afghanistan has a long border and it is Impossible for Pakistan to do Security of this whole border. Its very easy to Cross Pakistan Afghan Border even for a common man. Today Indians can easily promote terrorism in Pakistan through Afghan Border by sitting in Afghanistan and they are doing it as well in Balochistan as well as Pakistani Tribal Areas. If US and Nato Leaves Afghanistan soon threat from Afghan Border will also be removed for Pakistan.

Third reason is that on US and Nato Exit from Pakistan all Pressure on it will be removed which indeed don,t Suit Indians. It will also provide a chance for Pakistan to again start supporting those Armed Groups that are fighting for Freedom of Occupied Kashmir from Indian Occupation.

So US and Nato Exit from Afghanistan completely don,t Suits the Indians and they are also worried a lot about it. But the Fact is that US will have to leave Afghanistan today or tomorrow as they have failed to defeat the Afghans in last decade.

Iran Helping Both Taliban and Karzai Claims David Petraeus

American Army Central Command Chief in Afghanistan General David Petraeus has claimed that Iran is helping Afghan Taliban as well as Afghan Government in Kabul of Hamid Karzai.  In a Interview with Voice of America on Friday David Petraeus said by helping both Karzai and Taliban Iran is playing Double Game in Afghanistan.

Last Week Afghan President Hamid Karzai Claimed that Iran sends him Millions of Dollars Every Year Secretly. This Claim of Karzai was rejected by Iranian Government. It is Fist time that US has blamed Iran for double game and before this Pakistan is often blamed for doing Double Game in Afghanistan. Many US officials has said it often that one one hand Pakistan is secretly helping the Afghan Taliban and on other hand it is showing itself as an American Ally.

Eid Ul Adha in Pakistan Amazing Photos

Following are Amazing Photos of Eid Ul Adha In Pakistan.

4000 Baloch Men Included in Pakistan Army

On Friday 4000 Baloch Men From Different Areas of Balochistan Province are included in Pakistan Army.  These 4000 Baloch Men has completed their training and now they are ready to perform their duties in different units of Pakistan Arm Forces.

This Step is taken on special orders of Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani.  All of these 4000 are Men are from Different Baloch and Pashtun Tribes of Balochistan.

Pakistan Army has also announced that process of including More Baloch Youngsters in Pakistan army will continue and soon a package for Balochistan will also be announced.

In the Ceremony of Inclusion of these 4000 Man In Army Governor Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi said that Thousands of Baloch Men are already performing duties in Pakistan Army and inclusion of these 4000 Man will make Pakistan more stronger.

According to Analysts this step of including more Baloch's in Army is very good at a time when Enemies Intelligence Agencies are trying to create Disturbance in Balochistan Province through Afghan Border. 10000 More Baloch's will also be included in the army soon which are completing their training now.

Not Right Time For Operation in North Waziristan: Pakistan

US and Nato officials are continuously Pressurizing Pakistan Civilian and Army officials to launch a new operation in North Waziristan against the Haqqani Network which they claims has strong presence in this area. US and Western Media is also making these claims that Haqqani Network is attacking on Foreign Forces in Afghanistan from this area.

Pakistan Army until now is resisting this pressure by US and Nato and not launching the operation.

Pakistan Army Core Commander of Peshawar Asif Yasin said this Wednesday that we will not launch a operation on orders of anyone and any operation will be done on right time by keeping Pakistan's interests in eyes. He also said that this is not right time for launching a new operation for Pakistan.

During recent Strategic Dialogues is Washington US officials also pressurized Pakistan for the North Waziristan Operation.

Indian Hindu Extremist Threatens Arundhati For Kashmir Comments

Famous Indian Human Rights Activist  Arundhati Roy Made this comment earlier this week that "Its a Historical Fact that Kashmir was Never a Integral Part of India" In Occupied Kashmir Capital City Sri Nagar. From The day she made this Comment she is facing anger of not only Indian Government and Opposition but Hindu Extremist Parties have also started Threatening her over her Kashmir remarks.

Hindu Extremist Groups like RSS, Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal just keeps on waiting for some controversial comments by any famous Indian personality and they don,t lose and chance to threaten him to get Publicity and Media Attention. Latest Victims of these Groups are Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar who was targeted for his Comments about Marathi, later on  Actor Shahrukh Khan came under anger of these Groups for remarks about Pakistani Cricketers and now Human Right Activist Arundhati Roy is getting Threats from Hindu Extremists.

Indian media along with Hindu Extremist Groups is also targeting Arundhati and claiming that she made these Remarks on Kashmir to just get Publicity.

Pakistan Army SSG Commandos

Pakistan Army SSG Commandos

4000 Letters From Kashmiri Kids To Barack Obama

More than 4000 Kashmiri Kids has written letters to American President Barack Obama to play role in solving the Kashmir issue. in the letters Kashmiri Kids have also written about terrorist acts of Indian Security Forces against Kashmiris.  These Letters are written at a time when Obama is about to visit India in a few weeks.

US-Nato Win in Afghanistan Is Impossible: Gorbachev

Afghanistan is called Graveyard of the Empires and reason for this is that whichever Super Power attacked it was defeated by the brave Afghan People. If we see in the past Britishers where defeated by the Afghans.

Later on in 80,s Russians where defeated by the Afghan people and in its result Russia was also broken and now latest example in front of us is United States of America which is in Afghanistan from almost a decades and trying every method to get the victory but it has failed to do so badly. on Tuesday Former Leader of Russia Mikhail Gorbachev has given an advice to American and Nato Forces during a Interview to BBC.

Gorbachev has said that win in Afghanistan for US and Nato Forces is Impossible and they should try to solve the things with Dialogues.

Gorbachev was Russia's Ruler when Russia was defeated in Afghanistan in 80's.  He said in the interview that Afghanistan can become another Vietnam for US so decision of Obama to start pulling forces from Afghanistan is a very good decision.

He also said that Security should be handed over to Afghan Security Forces and Afghan Government should be clear from Corruption.

Corruption Goes Upward in Pakistan

On Tuesday Transparency International has issued its report on Corruption in different Countries of the World.  According to report of Transparency International Corruption Goes Upward in Pakistan and Pakistan has came to 34th Place from 42th Place in Corruption during a year.  In the report it is also told that Somalia is the most Corrupt Country of the World while Afghanistan and Burma gets next two places Respectively.

The Reason Pakistan has came to 34th Place from 42 is increasing Corruption in Different Departments of Pakistani Government. Every Week we hear about a massive Corruption Scandal in a Department of Government. Current People Party Government that is imposed on Pakistan through a Corrupt NRO Deal between US and former President Pervez Musharraf has broken all old records of Corruption.  If this Situation Continues soon we will see Pakistan coming more down from 34th Place.

You Can,t Turn Kashmiris Into Indians By Force: Arundhati Roy

Famous Indian Human Rights Activist Arundhati Roy is in news these days for her recent statement during a Seminar in which she said that Kashmir was never a Integral Part of India. After this Statement by Arundhati she is strongly criticized by many Indian Political Parties and many also demanded her to take back her statement but she refused to do so.  According to Indian Media she can also be arrested on the charges of sedition.

Arundhati Roy is not ready to take back her statement on Kashmir and recently in a Newspaper Article she has repeated her statement that i have said the same thing which Millions of people are saying everyday and if you see my speech from where my Statement is taken you will find that i have simply spoken for the rights of people of Kashmir. She said we can,t turn Kashmiri People into Indians by using force against them.  In the  Article she also condemned Rapes of Kashmiri Women and Killings of Kashmiri Civilians by Indian Security Forces.

Pakistan Air Force Weapons Photos

Below are Pakistan Air Force Weapons Photos.

Nato Forces Kills 25 Afghan Civilians In Air Strike on Mosque

Killings of Innocent Afghan Civilians by US and Nato Forces are on the rise in Afghanistan this year. US and Nato Forces has killed hundreds of Innocent Afghan Citizen in 2010 and most them where killed in Air Strikes. The Most Recent attack on Civilians taken place  on Monday when Nato Forces done an Air Strike on a Mosque in Helmand Province which resulted in Death of 25 Civilians.

Nato Forces has claimed that we targeted the Mosque because we got information about Presence of Taliban there. Nato Spokesman has also said that are have started Investigations on this attack. When Locals where asked about this attack they said that all the people present in Mosque where Civilians and no Taliban where present there.  on other hand Taliban has claimed to kill 17 US Soldiers in a attack in Khost Province.

Kashmir Was Never a integral part of India: Arundhati Roy

Famous Human Rights Activist of India  Arundhati Roy has shocked the Indian Government and Opposition by speaking a big truth on Sunday that Kashmir was never a integral part of India. Arundhati Roy is one of the most famous Human Rights Activist of India who is also booker prize winner.

Speaking in Favour of People of Kashmir during a Seminar Arundhati Roy said Indian colonialism overtaken the British imperialism in 1947 in Kashmir. She said from Decades Indian Government has tried to crush the voices of Freedom from Kashmir but they have failed to do so.  it is an historical fact that Kashmir is never been integral part of India but its a disputed territory.  What Arundhati Roy has said is the exact point of view of Pakistan as well that Kashmir is an disputed territory and it is the right of People of Kashmir to choose with whom they want to live with?

Hindu Extremists Were Involve in Samjhota & Ajmer Blasts: Report

On Saturday Investigative Report on Ajmer and Samjhota Express Blasts has came out in which it is said that Elements of Hindu Extremist Group RSS where behind these attacks.  In the report it said that RSS Terrorists done Ajmer  Blast , Samjhota Express Blast, Malegaon Blasts and several other attacks.

In this report that is prepared by Rajasthan Anti Terrorist Squad it is said that Hindu Extremists Blasted the Samjhota Express Train that was coming to Pakistan from India. Over 70 People where killed in this attack and after attacks Indian Government as usual Blamed Lashkar Taiba for this attack that time.

In all above mentioned Blasts hundreds of Muslims where killed. Hemant Karkare the former Mumbai ATS Chief who was killed in Mumbai attacks was the first person who exposed the complete Network of Hindu Terrorism in 2008 and he also found out that even officers from Indian Army where helping these Extremists. Karkare was killed within 15 days after exposing the network of Hindu Terrorism.

Only Way of Kashmir Freedom Is War: Majid Nizami

Editor in Chief of Nawaiwaqt Newspaper  Majid Nizami has said that India is doing State Terrorism in Occupied Kashmir and Pakistani Rulers are not raising any voice against it.  Majid Nizami given a Interview to Moon Times in which he said that Kashmir Problem will never resolve by  Dialogues but it will only be solved with Force. He said the only Solution to Free Kashmir from Indian Occupation is Using Force.

He said India is doing Water War against Pakistani by making Dams on its Water in Occupied Kashmir and if India will not be stopped from doing this soon will run short of water. Majid Nizami also said that Pakistan should not give way to India for Transit Trade to Afghanistan.

Tony Blair's Sister in Law Converted to Islam

Former British Prime Minister and the Starter of Iraq War Tony Blair that is considered responsible for Killings of Millions of Innocent Iraqi Muslims must be shocked today because his Sister In Law Lauren Booth has converted to Islam and she has also started wearing Hijab after accepting Islam.

US Forces Involved in War Crimes in Iraq: New Wikileaks Documents

Wikileaks was not a much famous website until July 2010 but it got popularity when it published thousand of secret Documents about the Afghanistan War in which several interesting claims where made. In these Secret Documents it was claimed that US and Nato Forces where involve in War Crimes in Afghanistan. It was also claimed that Pakistan's Intelligence agency ISI is helping the Afghan Taliban to fight in Afghanistan. Now Friday Wikileaks has published new secret Documents about the Iraq War.

In these Secret Documents it is claimed that US and Iraqi Forces killed more than 80000 Iraqi Civilians and also badly tortured Thousands.  This time almost 40000 Secret Documents are published by the Wikileaks.  Founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange has said that these secret Documents has proved that US Soldiers are involved in Series War crimes against Iraqi People.

US Demands For Operation in North Waziristan During Strategic Dialogue

Strategic Dialogue Between Pakistani and US Top officials are continuing in Washington where several issues like Afghanistan War, Aid To Pakistan are being discussed. From American Side Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates are taking part in these Strategic Dialogues while from Pakistani Side General Kayani and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi are doing the  Dialogues.

Main Demand of US during these Strategic Dialogues from Pakistan is to start a New operation against the Haqqani Network in North Waziristan. Many US officials claims that Haqqani Network has a strong presence in  North Waziristan from where it is launching attacks on US and Nato Forces in Afghanistan. Pakistan's response to this demand was that we will launch any operation by keeping our national interest in mind and on right time. Some sources has even claimed that US has threatened Pakistan that its Aid will be stopped if more action against Afghan Taliban is not taken.

Kashmiri Youth Saves Ali Geelani From Hindu Extremists of RSS

New Delhi - Kashmiri Youth Saved Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani from attack of Hindu Extremists of RSS during a Seminar. On Thursday When Syed Ali Geelani came to address with a Seminar in New Delhi where many Kashmiris where present Large Number of members of Hindu Extremist Group RSS tried to attack hum but Kashmiri Youth made a Circle around Ali Geelani due to which RSS members where not able to touch Ali Geelani.

Syed Ali Geelani also met Pakistani High Commissioner in New Delhi where condition of Occupied Kashmir was discussed. Syed Ali Geelani said on this occasion that Eyes of Kashmiris are towards Pakistan at this moment and Pakistani Government must use its Diplomatic relations to raise Voice in support of People of Kashmir.  Syed Ali Geelani is a old Hurriyat Leader of more than 80 years of age and he has struggled his whole life for the freedom of Occupied Kashmir.

Rape Crimes Growing Rapidly In India

Indian Women has always suffered from lot of problems through out the Centuries. Birth of a Baby Girl was not considered good in Hindu Society due to which Large number of girls where killed after birth. Now in today's modern World every month thousand of Women are Abortion-ed after it is identified that they have a Baby Girl. These Abortions are resulting in less population of Females as Compare to Males in India which is creating even more problems for them like Sexual Harassment and Rapes.

According to a report issued by Indian Media Rape is the fastest Growing Crime in the Indian Society. The Indian City Where Rape is increasing more rapidly as compare to other cities is Capital of India Delhi.  Two Months ago we also shared a Report of Indian News Channel NDTV in which it was found that 96% Delhi Women feels themselves unsafe.

Delhi is also on Top For search of Dirty Websites in the world according to Google Trends. In last week many big cases of Rapes are reported as well. On Monday a Girl was raped by a Doctor in Hospital. On Wednesday a Policeman raped a women. In India after every 30 Minutes once case of rape is reported and there are thousands of cases that are not reported. Due to Corrupt Police and Judicial system of India most of these Women don,t gets any justice.

Pakistan - US Strategic Dialogue Started in Washington

Strategic Dialogue between Pakistani and American officials has started from today in  Washington. Different Civilian and Army officials are taking part in these important Strategic Dialogue that will effect the future of Afghanistan as well as Pakistan. from Pakistani Side Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood and some other officials are taking part in the  Dialogues while from US side Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Admiral Mike Mullen and Foreign Minister Robert Gates are taking part in these Dialogues.

its right time for Pakistan to raise voice against the increasing drone attacks by US in Pakistani Tribal areas that is killing lot of civilians and increasing hatred in the Public. Pakistan must also ask US to find a Political solution for Afghanistan because winning with war is impossible for US. 

Pakistan has a major role in the future of Afghanistan and controlling the things in Afghanistan without help of Pakistan is impossible for US which increases the importance of Pakistan and also gives it chance to bring US on its terms. on other hand US is preparing to demand Pakistan to launch a new operation in North Waziristan against Haqqani Network which Pakistan is refusing till now.

Angelina Jolie Not Happy With Pakistani Politicians Behaviour

Recently Pakistan suffered from Worst Floods of its history which effected Millions of People and taken lives of more than 2000 People.  United Nation's Goodwill Ambassador and Popular Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie visited Pakistan during these Floods to see the Situation on Ground after floods. While Talking about her visit to Pakistan Angelina Jolie said i was shocked to see the Behaviour of Pakistani Politicians when Millions of Pakistanis where suffering from floods.

Famous Actress said they where interested in making Private Group Photos with me and inviting me on dinners. She said they also showered me with the gifts. The Actress was really unhappy with this  Behaviour of the Politicians when Millions of People where facing worst floods. The Actress  was also really uncomfortable when so much food was presented to her on table at same time when Millions of Flood Victims where hungry.  Pakistani Corrupt Politicians has once again showed its real face that how corrupt and incompetent  they are.

Syed Ali Geelani Slams RSS Chief For Comments on Kashmir

Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader Syed Ali Geelani has said on Monday that India Government is Responsible for the Worse Situation in Occupied Kashmir and the reason due to which every Kashmiri is  protesting on road today is because Indian Government is not ready to listen the voice of Kashmiris. Syed Ali Geelani also slammed the Chief of Hindu Extremist Group RSS Mohan Bhagat for his comments on Occupied Kashmir in which he called Kashmir an integral part of India.

Hurriyat Leader said Kashmir is never an an integral part of India but its an disputed territory from 1947. He said due to attitude of Hindu Extremist Groups like RSS and Bajrang Dal India is becoming a Hell for Minorities of the country and treatment of these Groups with Minorities is condemnable. He said due to same sick mentality Millions of Muslims where killed in Occupied Kashmir.

America Trying To Expand Afghan War Inside Pakistan

9 Years of American Invasion in Afghanistan have completed and yet the war between Foreign Forces and Afghan Taliban is going on.  American Tactics to Crush the Afghan Taliban Groups has been failed and even today most of Afghan parts are controlled by Taliban. Americans are also not able to create a strong Afghan Army which can control the things after their Exit from Afghanistan.  For hiding this humiliation of defeat in Afghan War Americans are trying make Pakistan Scapegoat for this defeat.

US and Nato officials are claiming again and again from sometime that Al Qaeda and Taliban leadership is present in Pakistani Tribal Areas and in Quetta. Sometimes they blames ISI for helping the Taliban. America is also trying to expand the Afghan War inside Pakistan this is the reason we are seeing several drone attacks inside Pakistan everyday that is killing large number of innocent civilians.

Drone attacks in alone 2010 are more than drone attacks of last 8 years. in the main time we also seen Nato Forces doing Pakistan Border violation and killings its Civilians and soldiers in Air Strikes.  These Civilian Killings in Drone and Nato Attacks is increasing the anger in Pakistani Tribal areas. 

Pakistan Army Combat Engineering Photos

Below are Pakistan Army  Combat Engineering Photos.

Afghan Taliban Leader Mullah Baradar Released by Pakistan

According to Pakistani Media Reports Pakistan has secretly released the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Baradar Abdul Ghani. Mullah Baradar is the second top leader of Afghan Taliban and he was arrested from Pakistani City Karachi three months ago from Pakistani Authorities. During this time he was kept in Pakistan. According to Sources the reason behind releasing Mullah Baradar is to play role in Taliban Talks with US.

A Senior Pakistani official has also confirmed the release of the Mullah Baradar. Earlier this year when Mullah Baradar  was arrested by Pakistan different Afghan and US officials blamed Pakistan that Mullah Baradar is arrested to stop the direct talks between Taliban and US in which Pakistan was not included. Only Time will tell that what will be the impact of Mullah Baradar Release on the Taliban and US Talks?

Pakistan Again Refuses Demand of New Operation in North Waziristan

According to report of Express Tribune an Army official has informed them that Pakistan Army has once again rejected the demand of US officials to launch a new operation in  North Waziristan which is claimed to be a area of Haqqani Network. Pakistan has cleared to US officials that we will only do operation if it will be in our national interest.

US Civil and Military officials are demanding from a long time to launch a new operation  in North Waziristan but until now Pakistan has refused to do the operation. Pakistan army is already involved in operations in several areas and launching a new operation at this time is not in interest of Pakistan due to which this demanded is rejected again and again.  Haqqani Network against which US is demanding for operation  in North Waziristan is a group that is giving really tough time to US and Nato Forces in Afghanistan.

US Is Supporting Terrorism in Several Countries: Turkish Prime Minister

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan who is on two days Pakistan Tour has said that United States is backing the International Terrorists in Several Countries. Tayyip Erdogan who visited flood effected areas of Pakistan and also meet Pakistani Top officials said that  United States has supported common enemies of Pakistan and Turkey in the past.

While Meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani Turkish PM said that Pakistan and Turkey are closest brothers and Pakistan has always helped Turkey in every Situation so we will also not leave Pakistan alone in difficulty.

Tayyip Erdogan also said that Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan has a common future. He said enemies of all these countries are creating problems for the security of these countries and we will have to face these enemies together. Tayyip Erdogan is one of the most popular Muslim ruler at present and one of the main reason for his popularity is his tough stand against Israeli Policies against Palestinians.

Chinese Army Helping In Pakistani Floods

Photos of Chinese Army Helping In Pakistani Floods.

Every Indian Tactic Failed To Crush Kashmir Freedom Movement

History Tells us that If a Land if occupied Illegally by another Country and its People continues to struggle for freedom even after doing Sacrifices of Millions of Lives they must gets Freedom one day. However it can take Decades or even Centuries to get the freedom but its impossible to stop that nation from Freedom.

The story we are seeing in Indian Occupied Kashmir. People of Kashmir are struggling from decades for freedom from India and they have given Sacrifices of 1 Lakh Lives for this Movement. More than 7 Lakh Indian Soldiers are occupying the Valley of Kashmir and they have tried every Tactic to Crush Kashmir Freedom Movement but they failed to do so.

They used Force to Crush this Movement but they failed in it. They offered Money to Kashmiri Leaders but they failed to stop the Movement. They offered Economic Progress to Kashmiris but they failed to stop Kashmir Movement. They taken 1 Lakh Kashmiri Lives to stop this movement but failed. The Latest Tactic Indian Government is trying to stop Kashmir Movement is to use Indian Ulemas to ask Kashmiris to stop freedom movement and find a political solution by remaining a part of India but Kashmiris have rejected this demand of Indian Ulemas as well.  Every Indian Tactic has Failed To Crush Kashmir Freedom Movement and Kashmiris will get their right of freedom one day.

Pakistan Army Unmanned Ariel Vehicle Photos

Following are Pakistan Army Unmanned Ariel Vehicle Photos.

Estimated Damage To Pakistan Due To Floods is $9.5 Billion

almost 1/5 Area of Pakistan was hit by worst Floods of history two months ago is August which caused a huge Destruction. Houses, Shops, Buildings, Bridges and Agricultural Lands where fully destroyed due to these floods. The Life loss due to these Floods was over 2500.  Millions of People lost their homes in these Floods and spent several weeks under open sky.  Now International lenders has estimated that the total Damage to Pakistan due to these Floods was of $9.5 Billion that is a huge loss.

Pakistan which is already facing serious problems like Terrorism, Economic Crises, Poverty has another problem in its list now that is of recovering from the loss caused by Floods.  The International Aid that Pakistan got for floods is very less than the damage.  Appeal of $2 billion was made only for purpose of emergency relief but Pakistan only got 1/3 of it.  Pakistani Pubic has greatly contributed to help the Flood Victims but without Foreign Help its impossible to overcome the loss.

Pakistan Is Working Rapidly on Nuclear Arms: US Media

US, Indian and Western Media Keeps on doing Baseless Propaganda against Pakistan whose purpose simply is to destroy image of Pakistan to show it as a terrorist state and trying to Pressurize it. They Keeps on spreading Fake News against Pakistan Army, ISI and its Nuclear Weapons.

Sometimes it is claimed that Pakistan is helping the Taliban and sometime this Propaganda is done that Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan are not safe.  Now American Media has claimed that Pakistan is working Rapidly on its Nuclear Arms and it is making more Atom Bombs.

According to Fox News Report Pakistan is working on its Nuclear Reactor which has angered the US officials.  Fox News is an Extremist Channel that keeps on doing Baseless Propaganda against Pakistan and Muslims. recently they claimed that Pakistan Army is supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan.  In the past the done massive Propaganda that Pakistani Nuclear Weapons are about to fall in hands of Pakistani Taliban.

American Base Captured By Taliban in Northern Afghanistan

Situation in Afghanistan is getting more and more Worse for US and Nato Forces as on one side Killings of Foreign Forces is on the raise and on other hand Afghan Taliban are getting stronger. This year has proved to be deadliest for Foreign Forces and more than 600 Soldiers are killed this year till end of September.  More than 70% Territory is also under control of Afghan Taliban where Governor takes their orders.

In a Recent Development Afghan Taliban has Captured a American Army Base in Kunar Province that is in Northern Afghanistan.  A Taliban Commander has also said that we are in full control of the District and here American Base is also under our control now.  Taliban attacked the base with rockets and machine guns which forced American Soldiers to run away.

Pakistan Army Aviation Photos

Following are Pakistan Army Aviation Photos.

Female Canadian Soldier Tells About Rapes in Her Camp

Few Days ago we told you about the high rate of Rapes of Female Soldiers in US Army and today we have another report about Rapes of Canadian Female Soldiers by their Fellow Male Soldiers in Afghanistan. Capt. Nichola Goddard who was first Canadian combat death written a letter to her husband in which she told about high rate of Rapes in Army.  She said in the letter that Large Number of Female Soldiers are facing sexual harassment.

She also written that within last one week 6 rapes are taken place in her Camp.  This letter was written by Nichola Goddard on Feb. 3, 2006. in May 2006 she was killed in a firefight with Afghan Taliban in Western Afghanistan. This was a personal letter written by Nichola to her husband.  Now after 4 years Amy Minsky of Postmedia News has reported about this letter. This Letter clearly tells how much sexual harassment and assault Female Soldiers in US and Nato Forces faces from their Fellow Male Soldiers.

India Has More Poors Than Whole Africa

We Keep on listening about Indian Claims about Economy, Democracy and becoming super power in few years but the reality is very different.  According to a recent Report published by BBC India has more poverty than the combined poverty of all African Nations.  According to report only three Indian States Bihar, UP and Bengal has more than 421 million Poor's.

Only these 421 million Poor's of Three Indian States has poor's than 410 million Poor's of Poorest African States.  If we see the states of other Indian States there are Millions of more Poor's that are struggling for even food of one time.  Most of Indian Wealth is in hands of few families while Millions are dying for even food of one time. BBC Report About Indian Poverty can be seen here.

Lashkar Taiba Is Freedom Fighting Group: Pervez Musharraf

Former President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf has said that Lashkar Taiba is a Freedom Fighting Group that is fighting for the rights of People of Kashmir. on Saturday Musharraf was giving a Interview to Top Indian News Channel NDTV in which he said that whoever fights for the freedom of Indian Occupied Kashmir is a Mujahid for us. 

Interviewer Barkha Dutt said but India considers Lashkar Taiba as a terrorist organization? Musharraf replied one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.  He said Indian army is killing the Civilians in Kashmir while LET is fighting against the Indian Army so Isn’t Indian Army also terrorist as it is killing civilians in Kashmir.   Musharraf said Kashmiri Jihadi Group came into existence in 1989. He also told that LET and Hafiz Saeed has huge public support in Pakistan and it is not easy to take action against them.

Pakistani Fruits Photos

Following are Pakistani Fruits Photos that Grows in different Areas of Pakistan.


Pakistan Keeps Nato Supply Block Even After US Apology

Last Week Nato Supply Line from Pakistan to Afghanistan was Blocked by Pakistani Authorities after Nato Violated Pakistani Borders and done Air Strikes in different areas in which several People including three Pakistani Soldiers where killed. 

After this Violation of Borders Pakistan stopped the Supply of Goods and Oil Tankers to Nato Forces that goes from different cities of Pakistan to Afghanistan.  Along with Supply Blockage Pakistan strongly condemned this Border Violation by Nato Forces and also demanded investigation on the matter.  After these steps of Pakistan  several Nato and US officials apologized to Pakistan and promised to respect Pakistani borders in future.

This Violation of Pakistani Borders by Nato Forces and killing many civilians and soldiers also increased the anger of Pakistani public which resulted in attacks on Nato Tankers.  Nato Tankers where attacked six times in different cities of Pakistan and many of these Tankers where destroyed completely.  Even After Nato and US officials apology Nato Supply Line is closed in Pakistan and there are no news yet that when this Supply Line will be opened again?

Pakistan Will Be Peaceful After US Exit From Afghanistan

Pakistan is Facing Worst Terrorist Attacks At Present and more than 500 Terrorist attacks has taken place in last one year in different areas. The most recent attack has taken place today in Abdullah Shah Ghazi  Shrine in Karachi in which almost 10 People are killed while onver 70 are Injured. According to Sindh Government The Attack was suicide and Head of Suicide Bomber is Found.

The Question that raises in many minds that why these Terrorist attacks are taking place in Pakistan and who is behind them and how they can be ended???  Terrorist Group Known as Tehreek Taliban Pakistan TTP that is a different Group from Afghan Taliban fighting in US against Americans is behind this attack.

This Group was created after 2006. This Group believes in Takfri Ideology which means they consider a common Pakistani as Kafirs and also consider Killing them Halal. Now Question Arises from where these This Terrorist Group TTP is getting Latest Weapons and Plans for Terrorist Attacks?

Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan's Enemy Countries specially Indian Raw is operating in Afghanistan and Afghan President Hamid Karzai has also connections with Indians. Raw is providing Weapons, Money and Training to these Terrorist in Afghanistan and with those Weapons they are doing terrorist attacks in Pakistan.  Indian Raw is working under US Umbrella in Afghanistan. 

Raw has not only promoted terrorism in Fata Areas of Pakistan but also Balochistan province of Pakistan.  So the Peace in Pakistan is connected with US Presence in Afghanistan. Once US Leaves Afghanistan There will be Peace inside Pakistan and such Terrorist Groups like TTP will not be able to do Terrorism in Pakistan.

9 Years of US Invasion of Afghanistan Completed

9 Years ago when Incident of 9/11 taken Place in US the American officials started blaming Osama Bin Laden for these attacks without any proofs and within few days  US  Invasion of Afghanistan started. Today  9 Years of US Invasion of Afghanistan are Completed and there is still a war going on between US Forces and Afghan Taliban.

In These 9 Years US Forces tried every method to get the Victory in Afghanistan but they failed to do so and today US Army General are admitting the Fact that Afghan War in not possible to win. Afghan Taliban controls more than 70% territory of Afghanistan and Public support for them is also increasing. During these 9 years Thousands of innocent Afghan Civilians lost their lives specially in Air Strikes of US and Nato Forces. Several Foreign Soldiers where also found involved in War crimes against Afghan Civilians.  On 9th Anniversary Of US Invasion Afghan Taliban has also issued a Statement in which they have claimed that Foreign Forces are close to defeat and soon there will be Islamic Government in Afghanistan.

Pakistan Army Main Battle Tanks Photos

Following are Pakistan Army Main Battle Tanks Photos.

US Army Commander Apologizes For Pakistani Border Violation

US Army Commander in Afghanistan General David Petraeus has apologized to Pakistan on Wednesday for Pakistani Border Violation By Nato Forces that are Present in Afghanistan. Last Week Nato Forces Violated Pakistani Borders Four Times as its Helicopters entered in Pakistani Areas and done Air Strikes in different Areas. in one of the attack Three Pakistani Soldiers where also killed. After these Border Violations by Nato Pakistan closed down Nato Supply Line to Afghanistan which is closed till now from six days.

It was the Pakistan Army which taken strong action against Nato Border Violation. Pakistan Army Closed Down Nato Supply Line and also asked Nato to Apologize for Border Violation. Pakistan army also asked for assurance that Pakistani Borders will be respected in the future.  American Ambassador In Pakistan N.W Peterson  has also apologized Pakistani Public on the Act of Nato Forces.

Watch Pakistani Political Talk Shows Online

Internet Users in Pakistan are increasing rapidly and today Millions of People are Using Internet in Pakistan in which we are seeing a increase of thousands daily. Political Talk Shows like Capital Talk, Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain, Kal Tak that comes on Mainstream News Channels of Pakistan are also very popular in Pakistani Public.

Infect Popularity of these Talk Shows has damaged the TV Serials Industry and Entertainment Programs very much.  People prefers to see Talk Shows than TV Serials or Entertainment Programs. There Are Many Websites Available on Internet where you can see all these Political Talks Shows Daily Free of Cost. Following i am sharing some of such Famous Political Talks Shows Websites.

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Taliban Infiltration Increasing in Afghanistan Army

American and Nato Forces are not getting any good news from the Afghan Land This Year. The year of 2010 is already proved to be deadliest for Foreign forces as 600 Soldiers lost their lives in 2010 alone till now in Nine months. We also got the news that Afghan Taliban influence is increasing in different Afghan Province. Recently Pakistan also closed Nato Supply Line for Violation of its Border.  Now there is another bad news for US and Nato forces that Infiltration of Afghan Taliban is Increasing in Afghanistan Army.

According to BBC Report  Ex-UN Official Antonio Maria has said that Taliban are rapidly Infiltrating in the Afghan Security Forces. Antonio Maria was in Drugs and Crime Department of UN in the past and also worked in Afghanistan.  He said while talking with BBC that they have sleeping cells and they can create strong problems for Afghanistan Security.

Pakistan Army Paramilitary Groups Photos

Following are Pakistan Army Paramilitary Groups Photos.

Commonwealth Games Starting Today in Delhi

After bringing Lot of Controversies and Embarrassment for India the Commonwealth Games 2010 are finally going to start in Indian Capital Delhi Today Evening. The Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games will take place tonight and the Games will be inaugurated by Indian President and Prince Charles.  More than 6700 athletes from 71 Different Countries are taking part in the Games.

Tight Security is set In Indian Capital For the CWG and thousands of Policeman are doing duties for Security of the Games. India has faced lot of Embarrassment till now in last two weeks for bad preparations of the Games. Collapse of Bridge, Games Arena, Dirty Rooms and City, Child Labour For Games Preparations,  Bad Security and Presence of Snake in a Room where some incidents that bring Embarrassment for India.

Nato Apologizes For Pakistani Border Violation

Nato Forces has Apologized to Pakistan on Friday For Pakistani Border Violation and killing several Civilian and three Pakistani Soldiers in Air Strike this week in several attacks.  After the Nato Border Violation Pakistan reacted strongly and closed down the Nato Supply Line to Afghanistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani and Army Chief Kayani has also condemned strongly the Border Violation by Nato Forces.

Isaf Commander Gen David Petraeus also called Pakistani Army Chief General Kayani on Friday and Regretted on Death of Pakistani Civilians and Soldiers in Nato Air Strike.  He also assured to General Kayani that in future such incident will not take place again.  General Kayani responded strongly to David Petraeus and asked for assurance of no Border Violation in future and taking action again those Nato officers that are involved in these Air Strikes.

500 Palestinian Kids Tortured Yearly in Israeli Jails: Report

Human Rights Organizations Working In Palestine has said in their latest Report that More than 500 Palestinian  Kids are badly Tortured Every Year in Jails of Israel. In the Report it is claimed that Israeli Soldiers Catches Hundreds of Kids Every Year From Palestine and then gives them very series Torture.  Many of these Kids are killed and many others becomes unfit Mentally and bodily for whole of their Lives.

From 2000 to 2009 3800 Palestinian Kids have gone through such Torture from Israeli Soldiers. In Last Few Decades Israel has killed Millions of Palestinians and size of Israel has increased several times from size of its creation by occupying more and more Palestinian land. Biased Western Specially American Media is not giving any Coverage to this report as usual.

Pakistan Army Military Operations Photos

Following are Pakistan Army Military Operations Photos.

Huge Rally In Support of Kashmiris Held in Islamabad

On Wednesday 29th September 2010 a massive Rally of Thousands of People in Support of People of Kashmir Taken Place in Pakistani Capital Islamabad.  The Rally was organized by Tehreek-e-Azadi-e-Kashmir, Jamat Ud Dawa and Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. In the rally members of these Organizations and Common Citizens taken part.  Participants of the rally Raised slogans in support of Kashmiris and demanded end of Indian terrorist on People of Kashmir.

A Big Rally also taken part in Azad Kashmir Capital Muzaffarabad as well in support of Kashmir Cause.  There is unrest in Indian Occupied Kashmir from last three months and 110 Kashmiris are killed by Indian Security Forces during this time.  Jamat Ud Dawa Leader Abdur Rehman Makki  said while addressing with Rally in Islamabad that we will continue to support the Kashmir Cause until the freedom of Kashmir. He said Pakistani Leaders must raise their voice against Indian State terrorism in Occupied Kashmir.