9 Years of US Invasion of Afghanistan Completed

9 Years ago when Incident of 9/11 taken Place in US the American officials started blaming Osama Bin Laden for these attacks without any proofs and within few days  US  Invasion of Afghanistan started. Today  9 Years of US Invasion of Afghanistan are Completed and there is still a war going on between US Forces and Afghan Taliban.

In These 9 Years US Forces tried every method to get the Victory in Afghanistan but they failed to do so and today US Army General are admitting the Fact that Afghan War in not possible to win. Afghan Taliban controls more than 70% territory of Afghanistan and Public support for them is also increasing. During these 9 years Thousands of innocent Afghan Civilians lost their lives specially in Air Strikes of US and Nato Forces. Several Foreign Soldiers where also found involved in War crimes against Afghan Civilians.  On 9th Anniversary Of US Invasion Afghan Taliban has also issued a Statement in which they have claimed that Foreign Forces are close to defeat and soon there will be Islamic Government in Afghanistan.