Afghan Taliban Leader Mullah Baradar Released by Pakistan

According to Pakistani Media Reports Pakistan has secretly released the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Baradar Abdul Ghani. Mullah Baradar is the second top leader of Afghan Taliban and he was arrested from Pakistani City Karachi three months ago from Pakistani Authorities. During this time he was kept in Pakistan. According to Sources the reason behind releasing Mullah Baradar is to play role in Taliban Talks with US.

A Senior Pakistani official has also confirmed the release of the Mullah Baradar. Earlier this year when Mullah Baradar  was arrested by Pakistan different Afghan and US officials blamed Pakistan that Mullah Baradar is arrested to stop the direct talks between Taliban and US in which Pakistan was not included. Only Time will tell that what will be the impact of Mullah Baradar Release on the Taliban and US Talks?