America Trying To Expand Afghan War Inside Pakistan

9 Years of American Invasion in Afghanistan have completed and yet the war between Foreign Forces and Afghan Taliban is going on.  American Tactics to Crush the Afghan Taliban Groups has been failed and even today most of Afghan parts are controlled by Taliban. Americans are also not able to create a strong Afghan Army which can control the things after their Exit from Afghanistan.  For hiding this humiliation of defeat in Afghan War Americans are trying make Pakistan Scapegoat for this defeat.

US and Nato officials are claiming again and again from sometime that Al Qaeda and Taliban leadership is present in Pakistani Tribal Areas and in Quetta. Sometimes they blames ISI for helping the Taliban. America is also trying to expand the Afghan War inside Pakistan this is the reason we are seeing several drone attacks inside Pakistan everyday that is killing large number of innocent civilians.

Drone attacks in alone 2010 are more than drone attacks of last 8 years. in the main time we also seen Nato Forces doing Pakistan Border violation and killings its Civilians and soldiers in Air Strikes.  These Civilian Killings in Drone and Nato Attacks is increasing the anger in Pakistani Tribal areas.