Angelina Jolie Not Happy With Pakistani Politicians Behaviour

Recently Pakistan suffered from Worst Floods of its history which effected Millions of People and taken lives of more than 2000 People.  United Nation's Goodwill Ambassador and Popular Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie visited Pakistan during these Floods to see the Situation on Ground after floods. While Talking about her visit to Pakistan Angelina Jolie said i was shocked to see the Behaviour of Pakistani Politicians when Millions of Pakistanis where suffering from floods.

Famous Actress said they where interested in making Private Group Photos with me and inviting me on dinners. She said they also showered me with the gifts. The Actress was really unhappy with this  Behaviour of the Politicians when Millions of People where facing worst floods. The Actress  was also really uncomfortable when so much food was presented to her on table at same time when Millions of Flood Victims where hungry.  Pakistani Corrupt Politicians has once again showed its real face that how corrupt and incompetent  they are.