Estimated Damage To Pakistan Due To Floods is $9.5 Billion

almost 1/5 Area of Pakistan was hit by worst Floods of history two months ago is August which caused a huge Destruction. Houses, Shops, Buildings, Bridges and Agricultural Lands where fully destroyed due to these floods. The Life loss due to these Floods was over 2500.  Millions of People lost their homes in these Floods and spent several weeks under open sky.  Now International lenders has estimated that the total Damage to Pakistan due to these Floods was of $9.5 Billion that is a huge loss.

Pakistan which is already facing serious problems like Terrorism, Economic Crises, Poverty has another problem in its list now that is of recovering from the loss caused by Floods.  The International Aid that Pakistan got for floods is very less than the damage.  Appeal of $2 billion was made only for purpose of emergency relief but Pakistan only got 1/3 of it.  Pakistani Pubic has greatly contributed to help the Flood Victims but without Foreign Help its impossible to overcome the loss.