Every Indian Tactic Failed To Crush Kashmir Freedom Movement

History Tells us that If a Land if occupied Illegally by another Country and its People continues to struggle for freedom even after doing Sacrifices of Millions of Lives they must gets Freedom one day. However it can take Decades or even Centuries to get the freedom but its impossible to stop that nation from Freedom.

The story we are seeing in Indian Occupied Kashmir. People of Kashmir are struggling from decades for freedom from India and they have given Sacrifices of 1 Lakh Lives for this Movement. More than 7 Lakh Indian Soldiers are occupying the Valley of Kashmir and they have tried every Tactic to Crush Kashmir Freedom Movement but they failed to do so.

They used Force to Crush this Movement but they failed in it. They offered Money to Kashmiri Leaders but they failed to stop the Movement. They offered Economic Progress to Kashmiris but they failed to stop Kashmir Movement. They taken 1 Lakh Kashmiri Lives to stop this movement but failed. The Latest Tactic Indian Government is trying to stop Kashmir Movement is to use Indian Ulemas to ask Kashmiris to stop freedom movement and find a political solution by remaining a part of India but Kashmiris have rejected this demand of Indian Ulemas as well.  Every Indian Tactic has Failed To Crush Kashmir Freedom Movement and Kashmiris will get their right of freedom one day.