Female Canadian Soldier Tells About Rapes in Her Camp

Few Days ago we told you about the high rate of Rapes of Female Soldiers in US Army and today we have another report about Rapes of Canadian Female Soldiers by their Fellow Male Soldiers in Afghanistan. Capt. Nichola Goddard who was first Canadian combat death written a letter to her husband in which she told about high rate of Rapes in Army.  She said in the letter that Large Number of Female Soldiers are facing sexual harassment.

She also written that within last one week 6 rapes are taken place in her Camp.  This letter was written by Nichola Goddard on Feb. 3, 2006. in May 2006 she was killed in a firefight with Afghan Taliban in Western Afghanistan. This was a personal letter written by Nichola to her husband.  Now after 4 years Amy Minsky of Postmedia News has reported about this letter. This Letter clearly tells how much sexual harassment and assault Female Soldiers in US and Nato Forces faces from their Fellow Male Soldiers.