Hindu Extremists Were Involve in Samjhota & Ajmer Blasts: Report

On Saturday Investigative Report on Ajmer and Samjhota Express Blasts has came out in which it is said that Elements of Hindu Extremist Group RSS where behind these attacks.  In the report it said that RSS Terrorists done Ajmer  Blast , Samjhota Express Blast, Malegaon Blasts and several other attacks.

In this report that is prepared by Rajasthan Anti Terrorist Squad it is said that Hindu Extremists Blasted the Samjhota Express Train that was coming to Pakistan from India. Over 70 People where killed in this attack and after attacks Indian Government as usual Blamed Lashkar Taiba for this attack that time.

In all above mentioned Blasts hundreds of Muslims where killed. Hemant Karkare the former Mumbai ATS Chief who was killed in Mumbai attacks was the first person who exposed the complete Network of Hindu Terrorism in 2008 and he also found out that even officers from Indian Army where helping these Extremists. Karkare was killed within 15 days after exposing the network of Hindu Terrorism.