India Can,t Afford US Exit From Afghanistan

We are Listening lot of Voices about US and Nato Forces Exit from Afghanistan in next one two years. A Country which is really worried on the possible US exit from Afghanistan is India and there are several reasons for this which i am going to mention one by one.

Firstly India has done Huge Investment of Billions in Afghanistan  for its own interests and if US and Nato Forces leaves Afghanistan all this Investment will be ruined. Afghan Taliban are against Indians and they will not allow any Indian to stay in Afghanistan.

Second reason is that Pakistan and Afghanistan has a long border and it is Impossible for Pakistan to do Security of this whole border. Its very easy to Cross Pakistan Afghan Border even for a common man. Today Indians can easily promote terrorism in Pakistan through Afghan Border by sitting in Afghanistan and they are doing it as well in Balochistan as well as Pakistani Tribal Areas. If US and Nato Leaves Afghanistan soon threat from Afghan Border will also be removed for Pakistan.

Third reason is that on US and Nato Exit from Pakistan all Pressure on it will be removed which indeed don,t Suit Indians. It will also provide a chance for Pakistan to again start supporting those Armed Groups that are fighting for Freedom of Occupied Kashmir from Indian Occupation.

So US and Nato Exit from Afghanistan completely don,t Suits the Indians and they are also worried a lot about it. But the Fact is that US will have to leave Afghanistan today or tomorrow as they have failed to defeat the Afghans in last decade.