Indian Hindu Extremist Threatens Arundhati For Kashmir Comments

Famous Indian Human Rights Activist  Arundhati Roy Made this comment earlier this week that "Its a Historical Fact that Kashmir was Never a Integral Part of India" In Occupied Kashmir Capital City Sri Nagar. From The day she made this Comment she is facing anger of not only Indian Government and Opposition but Hindu Extremist Parties have also started Threatening her over her Kashmir remarks.

Hindu Extremist Groups like RSS, Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal just keeps on waiting for some controversial comments by any famous Indian personality and they don,t lose and chance to threaten him to get Publicity and Media Attention. Latest Victims of these Groups are Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar who was targeted for his Comments about Marathi, later on  Actor Shahrukh Khan came under anger of these Groups for remarks about Pakistani Cricketers and now Human Right Activist Arundhati Roy is getting Threats from Hindu Extremists.

Indian media along with Hindu Extremist Groups is also targeting Arundhati and claiming that she made these Remarks on Kashmir to just get Publicity.