Nato Forces Kills 25 Afghan Civilians In Air Strike on Mosque

Killings of Innocent Afghan Civilians by US and Nato Forces are on the rise in Afghanistan this year. US and Nato Forces has killed hundreds of Innocent Afghan Citizen in 2010 and most them where killed in Air Strikes. The Most Recent attack on Civilians taken place  on Monday when Nato Forces done an Air Strike on a Mosque in Helmand Province which resulted in Death of 25 Civilians.

Nato Forces has claimed that we targeted the Mosque because we got information about Presence of Taliban there. Nato Spokesman has also said that are have started Investigations on this attack. When Locals where asked about this attack they said that all the people present in Mosque where Civilians and no Taliban where present there.  on other hand Taliban has claimed to kill 17 US Soldiers in a attack in Khost Province.