Pakistan Is Working Rapidly on Nuclear Arms: US Media

US, Indian and Western Media Keeps on doing Baseless Propaganda against Pakistan whose purpose simply is to destroy image of Pakistan to show it as a terrorist state and trying to Pressurize it. They Keeps on spreading Fake News against Pakistan Army, ISI and its Nuclear Weapons.

Sometimes it is claimed that Pakistan is helping the Taliban and sometime this Propaganda is done that Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan are not safe.  Now American Media has claimed that Pakistan is working Rapidly on its Nuclear Arms and it is making more Atom Bombs.

According to Fox News Report Pakistan is working on its Nuclear Reactor which has angered the US officials.  Fox News is an Extremist Channel that keeps on doing Baseless Propaganda against Pakistan and Muslims. recently they claimed that Pakistan Army is supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan.  In the past the done massive Propaganda that Pakistani Nuclear Weapons are about to fall in hands of Pakistani Taliban.