Pakistan Keeps Nato Supply Block Even After US Apology

Last Week Nato Supply Line from Pakistan to Afghanistan was Blocked by Pakistani Authorities after Nato Violated Pakistani Borders and done Air Strikes in different areas in which several People including three Pakistani Soldiers where killed. 

After this Violation of Borders Pakistan stopped the Supply of Goods and Oil Tankers to Nato Forces that goes from different cities of Pakistan to Afghanistan.  Along with Supply Blockage Pakistan strongly condemned this Border Violation by Nato Forces and also demanded investigation on the matter.  After these steps of Pakistan  several Nato and US officials apologized to Pakistan and promised to respect Pakistani borders in future.

This Violation of Pakistani Borders by Nato Forces and killing many civilians and soldiers also increased the anger of Pakistani public which resulted in attacks on Nato Tankers.  Nato Tankers where attacked six times in different cities of Pakistan and many of these Tankers where destroyed completely.  Even After Nato and US officials apology Nato Supply Line is closed in Pakistan and there are no news yet that when this Supply Line will be opened again?