Pakistan Will Be Peaceful After US Exit From Afghanistan

Pakistan is Facing Worst Terrorist Attacks At Present and more than 500 Terrorist attacks has taken place in last one year in different areas. The most recent attack has taken place today in Abdullah Shah Ghazi  Shrine in Karachi in which almost 10 People are killed while onver 70 are Injured. According to Sindh Government The Attack was suicide and Head of Suicide Bomber is Found.

The Question that raises in many minds that why these Terrorist attacks are taking place in Pakistan and who is behind them and how they can be ended???  Terrorist Group Known as Tehreek Taliban Pakistan TTP that is a different Group from Afghan Taliban fighting in US against Americans is behind this attack.

This Group was created after 2006. This Group believes in Takfri Ideology which means they consider a common Pakistani as Kafirs and also consider Killing them Halal. Now Question Arises from where these This Terrorist Group TTP is getting Latest Weapons and Plans for Terrorist Attacks?

Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan's Enemy Countries specially Indian Raw is operating in Afghanistan and Afghan President Hamid Karzai has also connections with Indians. Raw is providing Weapons, Money and Training to these Terrorist in Afghanistan and with those Weapons they are doing terrorist attacks in Pakistan.  Indian Raw is working under US Umbrella in Afghanistan. 

Raw has not only promoted terrorism in Fata Areas of Pakistan but also Balochistan province of Pakistan.  So the Peace in Pakistan is connected with US Presence in Afghanistan. Once US Leaves Afghanistan There will be Peace inside Pakistan and such Terrorist Groups like TTP will not be able to do Terrorism in Pakistan.