Rape Crimes Growing Rapidly In India

Indian Women has always suffered from lot of problems through out the Centuries. Birth of a Baby Girl was not considered good in Hindu Society due to which Large number of girls where killed after birth. Now in today's modern World every month thousand of Women are Abortion-ed after it is identified that they have a Baby Girl. These Abortions are resulting in less population of Females as Compare to Males in India which is creating even more problems for them like Sexual Harassment and Rapes.

According to a report issued by Indian Media Rape is the fastest Growing Crime in the Indian Society. The Indian City Where Rape is increasing more rapidly as compare to other cities is Capital of India Delhi.  Two Months ago we also shared a Report of Indian News Channel NDTV in which it was found that 96% Delhi Women feels themselves unsafe.

Delhi is also on Top For search of Dirty Websites in the world according to Google Trends. In last week many big cases of Rapes are reported as well. On Monday a Girl was raped by a Doctor in Hospital. On Wednesday a Policeman raped a women. In India after every 30 Minutes once case of rape is reported and there are thousands of cases that are not reported. Due to Corrupt Police and Judicial system of India most of these Women don,t gets any justice.