US Forces Involved in War Crimes in Iraq: New Wikileaks Documents

Wikileaks was not a much famous website until July 2010 but it got popularity when it published thousand of secret Documents about the Afghanistan War in which several interesting claims where made. In these Secret Documents it was claimed that US and Nato Forces where involve in War Crimes in Afghanistan. It was also claimed that Pakistan's Intelligence agency ISI is helping the Afghan Taliban to fight in Afghanistan. Now Friday Wikileaks has published new secret Documents about the Iraq War.

In these Secret Documents it is claimed that US and Iraqi Forces killed more than 80000 Iraqi Civilians and also badly tortured Thousands.  This time almost 40000 Secret Documents are published by the Wikileaks.  Founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange has said that these secret Documents has proved that US Soldiers are involved in Series War crimes against Iraqi People.