US-Nato Win in Afghanistan Is Impossible: Gorbachev

Afghanistan is called Graveyard of the Empires and reason for this is that whichever Super Power attacked it was defeated by the brave Afghan People. If we see in the past Britishers where defeated by the Afghans.

Later on in 80,s Russians where defeated by the Afghan people and in its result Russia was also broken and now latest example in front of us is United States of America which is in Afghanistan from almost a decades and trying every method to get the victory but it has failed to do so badly. on Tuesday Former Leader of Russia Mikhail Gorbachev has given an advice to American and Nato Forces during a Interview to BBC.

Gorbachev has said that win in Afghanistan for US and Nato Forces is Impossible and they should try to solve the things with Dialogues.

Gorbachev was Russia's Ruler when Russia was defeated in Afghanistan in 80's.  He said in the interview that Afghanistan can become another Vietnam for US so decision of Obama to start pulling forces from Afghanistan is a very good decision.

He also said that Security should be handed over to Afghan Security Forces and Afghan Government should be clear from Corruption.